We can support your business across the end-to-end process of turning shopper insights into products on shelf.

Range Curation

Without the right products, you won’t get shoppers rushing to clear your shelves.

But curating a range is more than just selecting the top sellers – it’s about maintaining choice, playing to your strengths, creating a reason for shoppers to chose your store.

We can help combine your data and insights with market context, in-store observations and our experience to create prioritised range lists and models.

Space Management

Space is the most valuable asset in retail.

Working at macro, midi or micro level, we can develop dynamic space allocation models that reflect the profit, sales and volume mix while taking into consideration operational and physical constraints.

Our knowledge of customer behaviour will help optimize the flow and adjacencies, creating an easy shopping experience that can help encourage incremental sales.

Fixture Optimization

The final stage is getting your products on the shelf in a way that maximises sales and keeps your best sellers on sale.

We combine the latest market information and guidance with your range and specific customer needs to create plans than help shoppers find each category quickly, but encourages them to browse and potentially trade up.