Time To Step Up In Convenience. Again.

Another anonymous wholesaler has joined Bestway and Costcutter in voicing concern that they will face excessive competition once the Tesco merger with Booker goes through. They are right to fear the merger, but not for the anti-competitive arguments they are putting forward. Booker already negotiate hard with manufacturers, which you would expect with 5,000 distribution points […]

The End Of Choice?

As the grocery industry grows increasingly obsessed with hard discounters and big data, as well as dealing with belatedly facing into paying staff a living wage and rising costs, it feels like the era of expanded shopper choice may be coming to an end. The idea of making choice accessible to all helped Tesco achieve […]

Out Of Time – Asda

Whilst it is true that retail, and in particular, grocery, is very cyclical in nature, Asda stand out as a business stuck in a time that has long past. I’ll admit that it’s been some time since I last stepped into the HQ of a grocer, but the evidence suggests that the green pleasure palace […]

We Click, But Will We Ever Collect?

Twitter was abuzz this week about Amazon’s next potential assault on the grocery market and, rather than their j0b-wrecking Amazon Go concept, it looks like they are going to be the latest to try a Click & Collect approach. It’s incredible to think that retailers have been working on various collection schemes for almost 20 […]

The Game Just Changed (Again)

This end of January is generally quiet in the Grocery trade, so imagine my shock when I saw on the news this morning that Tesco were launching a £3.7bn takeover of Booker. Booker is the UK’s largest wholesaler and supplies over 4,500 independent stores from its 172 warehouses. As with all wholesalers, the have a range […]

Has The Rag Trade Forgotten The Shopper?

I’m actually not sure if I should be highlighting this, as I seem to got quite adept at timing my need for specific clothing items with when that particular “season” is being reduced in a Sale. However, after ready Kantar’s report that the UK fashion market saw sales drop by 2.0% last year (Click here for […]

Kantar Isn’t Just For Christmas

After the developments during 2016, the January Kantar figures must have been the most anticipated for years. These are the figures that give the cleanest view of who has “won” Christmas. Let’s start with the news that hit us before Kantar today with an incredibly buoyant trading statement from Morrisons. Growth (excl. Petrol) of +2.9% is […]